Anonymous: Top 10 records in your collection?

I will do five. I have way too many favorites to choose from.

All original pressings:

1)Mars Volta - Frances the mute (limited glow in the dark version limited to 500)

2)Boards of Canada - The Campfire Headphase

3)Failure - Fantastic Planet

4)Sleep - Dopesmoker

5)Los Natas - Ciudad De Brahman (limited to 750)

Recently a favorite of mine is Nico Fidenco ‎– Emanuelle Perche’ Violenza Alle Donne? Or the soundtrack to The Degradation of Emanuelle

2015 the return of De Facto
Anonymous: when/what was is like when you met omar rodriguez lopez cuz im mad jealous

Honestly it was one of the best days of my life. He is my favorite musician aside from trent reznor .I have all of his records on vinyl (solo,mars volta,de facto etc) except for calibration and I also have his signature model guitar. So I got to the venue about 8 hours early to make sure I met him. He arrived with the band and saw me waiting and we both smiled at each other. I could tell he was busy as he was carrying all his gear in so I did not want to bother him. I waited until he had made a couple trips and was looking a little less tense and then I addressed him. I just said, “Hey Omar, I just want to say you mean the world to me. I know a lot of people probably tell you that you’ve changed their lives or made a large impact on them, but it is so much more than that for me and I wanted to bring my proof.” And so I opened up my box with all of his records and his jaw dropped and he was like “oh wow.” And I said , “Also I met your brothers a while back when they came to North carolina and we are friends now.” And I showed him the picture of me with zechs marquise. Then I showed him my that I had his guitar and told him that I play it every day for hours. I then said “Omar, from listening to all of your records you have empowered me and inspired me to make my own record. I just hope I can make one record.” And he looked at me and said “you will. I know it.” And that was the most meaningful thing ever. Then I said “look man I dont want to be a punisher but could I get a picture with you? I want to stick it on the insert on my record.” He said yeah no problem man. And after we took the picture I told him that I would send him a copy of my record with the picture.

So in the end it was a spiritual moment in my life. I know this sounds absurd or maybe cliche but I truthfully connected with him. I hope to someday write music with him.


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un escorpion perfumado

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Omar 2.
(Live at Terminal West in Georgia)
Omar 1.
(Live at Terminal West)
I am seeing Omar Rodriguez Lopez Tomorrow and then again the day after.

No big deal.

Got the new fucking bosnian rainbows album. fuck yeah
Nine Inch Nails
How to Destroy Angels
Gary Numan
Bosnian Rainbows
Zola Jesus
This can not be real life. I get to see trent reznor two times and Omar and Gary Numan in the same weekend? Oh my god. Now I need a cute girl to go with.